When it was time to go to kindergarten, Nagymama and Anyu assumed that I knew enough English to get by. That was a big mistake. Growing up, everyone in my household spoke either Hungarian or Romanian. I was afraid of talking to any adults other than my mother, aunt, and grandmother, and I had never […]

The Shoe in the Kapu

Back in 1995, while I was trying to beat the hardest video game on the planet, aka, Sega’s Ecco the Dolphin, Nagymama walked right in front of the TV to get my attention. “Hey, watch it!” I screamed, poking my head between her legs to try to avoid the giant squid monster shooting pointy things […]

Snakes on a Brick

One warm summer, I spotted a little green snake in our back yard. I cautiously watched it slither across my line of vision, stopping only a few feet in front of me to warm itself on the sun-drenched concrete slab behind my house. I immediately recognized it as a non-poisonous garter snake because my father […]


Preliminary American Goulash Character Designs for my Pitch Package for a Cartoon Show! Special thanks to Brent Smith for helping me brainstorm with some sketches! Sometimes you need an unbiased opinion to help you pick designs and move forward when you’re….close….to the subject matter. Now that I’ve written, scanned, inked, colored, and freaking composited this […]

Summer Lovin’

One beautiful summer afternoon, my cousin Liz, her husband Bernie, and their two children, Attila and Kris, came down to Philadelphia so we could visit the zoo. This was a momentous occasion since I had never been to the zoo with my family; Anyu never allowed me to go the zoo or circus because she […]

The Secret Language

Although one in five people in the U.S. speak a second language at home, my family seems to think we’re the only people on the planet that are multi-lingual, so they call Hungarian “The Secret Language”. Although my mother and I usually have conversations in English, she starts speaking in Hungarian when she wants to […]


My family is very nice, caring, and funny, but for some reason, they have no social graces whatsoever, especially when it comes to making introductions. This makes meeting new acquaintances very awkward because I always find myself giving people a “Disclaimer” every time I plan to introduce them to a family member. My family means […]