Mr. March

Earlier this week, I was invited to one of those obligatory holiday office party by a pharmaceutical consulting company that hires me for graphic design work. Since I know everyone at this company on a professional level, I was really surprised when one of these techies asked me about my “Sexmas Calendar“. Of course, those two little words caught the entire […]

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Awesome! Philly2Philly did a feature about “American Goulash” on their site! Thanks guys!Also, WOO HOO! This is my 100th post! Time for cake! Get Your Goulash By Autumn Konopka at 1:40 pm on Wednesday May 27, 2009 Original Source We’ve all got a crazy family story, the ones we pull out when a party gets […]

2009 Hungarian Festival

As usual, I am attending the New Brunswick Hungarian Festival. Anyone want to meet up for some stuffed cabbage , walnut roll, fried dough, and dancing? (Not necessarily in that order) Saturday, June 6, 2009 34th Annual Hungarian Festival New Brunswick, NJ 34TH ANNUAL HUNGARIAN FESTIVAL COMMEMORATING THE RE-DEDICATION OF THE MAGYAR REFORMED CHURCH  AND THE 800TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE FRANSISCAN ORDER Coordinated by the Hungarian Civic Association (HCA) New Brunswick, New Jersey FESTIVAL […]