Quick Bite: People-Watching

When I was 13, I promised myself that I would live in a big city so I could sit in a cafe, read a book, and people-watch. There was just something so romantic and “sophisticated” about that dream, compared to reading a book in a dim, crumbling shanty with an overprotective mother and grandmother doting […]

Mr. September

On the ninth day of Sexmas, I delivered to mommy…. Tom Selleck calling. I really do have a hard time telling the difference between Tom Selleck and Burt Reynolds. I guess Tom is hairier… How could we gauge this? Quick – someone invent a Hairometer so you can guess your HMI (Hair Mass Index). I […]

Mr. April

On the forth day of Sexmas, I delivered to mommy…. Gunslinging Alec Baldwin! Because men without shirts are hot…but men without shirts with GUNS are even hotter! We even have bonus armpit hair for Anyu’s enjoyment. ::shudders:: Honestly, I have no idea where these photos are from, but I like them because Alec sort of […]

New York, New York II: Pepper Spray

“I can’t belief you vould drag me up dis early for a stupid trip,” my mother said as we walked towards the main entrance of the Middlesex Mall. Even the security guard looked sleepy as he unlocked the doors and ushered us into the empty corridor. I however, was wide-eyed and bushy-tailed. I was going […]

The Barbecue

After some minor technical issues,I arrived at my cousin’s house. I clumsily fumbled with my luggage and keys trying to get through the extra-narrow corridor. Luckily, I don’t think anyone heard me because the crazy cat lady next door to my cousin fell asleep with QVC blaring on her TV again. I could hear Vince […]


Nichole Remmert writes: Hi there – I love your blog and tweets; I remember bits of my own childhood when I read your stuff. My own nagymama died before I ever knew her, when my mom was just 14.  Her father was always at work (and not Hungarian), and The Uncles (her mother’s brothers) saw […]