Annual Recap & Plans for World Domination

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Stephanie Yuhas here to give my 2011 recap and 2012 plans for crazy creative capers, including American Goulash, Cinemassacre/Cinevore, Crystalline Studios, and community work.

American Goulash

American-GoulashOver the last year, my American Goulash Facebook page has grown to almost 11,000 subscribers! It is my goal by the end of 2012 to have at least 25,000 subscribers so I have a compelling argument to present to book publishers as I shopping my American Goulash manuscript for the first time.

I’m going to be straight with you here – I have a bad habit of neglecting my own work to help the work of others (Example: This newsletter is annual, not monthly). It’s nutty, but promoting my own work, especially something as deeply personal as American Goulash, makes me feel shy.  It is for this reason that I cannot do this without you. Please take a moment to recommend American Goulash (or any of the projects below) to a friend or family member so my work  can speak for itself…and I can keep blushing in the corner.



For the last few years, I’ve been helping my long-time  friends at Cinemassacre with behind-the-scenes stuff, primarily acting as a sounding board for jokes, reviewing art shows, documenting convention & signings, production & research help on location tours, and serving as guinea pig for fun little shoots such at the TMNT Pizza Taste Test. (5 million hits they tell me? Oh. How embarrassing.)


The entire team and Cinemassacre/Cinevore decided it was time to do a co-production. There was no budget. No real script. No time for pre-production. But being the overambitious bunch of crazy people we are, we decided to do it anyway. We based it on some of the real conversations we have as friends, and added a dash of weirdness, inside jokes, and a few peoples’ favorite ambiguous European character from my American Goulash live shows.

So in addition to my usual writer/producer/designer role,  I’m now acting (EEEK!) in  “OverAnalyzers”. Watch OverAnalyzers online. (All NSFW due to potty mouth!)

AVGN Movie

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about this via e-mail, so I thought I should mention it my involvement in the Angry Video Game Nerd Movie. So far, I’ve helped with a bit of pre-production, primarily through promoting/hosting the Philadelphia casting call, as well as behind-the-scenes feedback when requested. I wear a lot of hats, so I help wherever I can, but the VERY large burden of shooting this amazing feature film falls on the shoulders of James, Mrs. Nerd, and the rest of the folks that have just driven 3,000 miles across the country to make this fan-funded concept into an amazing reality.

Although I would love to help more, at the moment, I am holding down the fort in Philadelphia, not just helping with the post-production process with OverAnalyzers (which is VERY difficult because it’s mostly improv), developing a new secret Cinevore web series (gasp!), but also continue to work on charitable community projects that are at critical junctures.

CrystallineStudiosCrystalline Studios

Moving into 2012, my business partner Matt Conant and I broadened our corporate capabilities for Crystalline Studios, a commercial production company that serves the East Coast arts and business community. We’ve taken our proven viral video strategies and professional design skills to the public, offering local businesses innovative advertising solutions through strategically developed campaigns. As a result, the past year has been filled with the production of hilarious commercials, amazing music videos, and live-event documentation of our sold-out plays, concerts, and festivals in NYC, Philadelphia, and Delaware.

We’ve made sure that our talent and crew is the best of the best (not just random strangers recruited from Craigslist!) which is why we work with paid, trained professionals that we recruit after a vetting process through the Project Twenty1 community or in-house Cinevore projects. This process has allowed us to work with Emmy-award winning crew and celebrity talent in order to provide our clients with high-quality work, on time, on budget. We give back to the talent pool we draw from through sponsoring local community events and programs. Contact one of our video and advertising professionals if you’re serious about taking your company to the next level.

Community Work

Putting my “Susie Filmmaker” hat on,  I’ve helped Scribe Video Center host several free public film screenings in underserved neighborhoods in Philadelphia through PNC Arts Alive Presents: Street Movies.

Choose, the film I co-produced with Good to Be Seen Films, has continued to raise thousands of dollars for cancer charities across the nations, and is winding down its international film festival tour.

I’ve continued my work on the advisory board/marketing committee of Norristown Arts Hill, assisting with social media campaigns as well as marketing and event coordination assistance for the annual Norristown Arts Festival, a free annual street fair that attracts over 2,000 people to the district. The mission is to revitalize Norristown, PA through the arts much in the way nearby towns like Ambler and Phoenixville have.

Last, but certainly not least, in the last year, I donated over 500 hours of my time to continue Project Twenty1’s “EPIC” mission to Exhibit, Promote, Inspire & Connect Creates through film and animation. This is the non-profit that is at its most critical juncture and needs your support to create jobs in the arts and revitalize Norristown & Western Philadelphia. Read More about that here>>

So that’s all she wrote. Please forgive me if I have somehow missed an e-mail, Facebook message, birthday party, phone call, or singing penguin telegram, it’s probably because the initiatives above have filled my inboxes to the brim. If you have an urgent matter or want to join the fundraising committee for any of the above charitable initiatives, please check back in with me – we need community support more than ever.

Thank you for bearing with my crazy plan for world domination through the arts, and I humbly appreciate your viewership.

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