Mr. May

On the fifth day of Sexmas, I delivered to mommy….

Oh. The. Horror.

I did a little research and I found the story behind this photo according to

In 1972, Burt Reynolds shared a late-night talk show couch (in a totally non-sexual way) with Helen Gurley Brown, author of Sex and the Single Girl and editor of Cosmopolitan. At some point in the evening, Brown challenged Reynolds to pose for a nude centerfold in her Cosmopolitan, and he agreed. Later, he wrote the whole thing off as a joke – and really, just look at it and there’s no reason not to believe him – but he’d also write the entire period off as a blur: “I’ve often said to people, if I met you between ’73 and ’78, I’m sorry, I don’t remember three or four of those years.”

So there you have it. Hairy chest. Hairy bear. Hair everywhere, except for poor Burt’s head. Yeah, you’re not fooling anyone with that toupee, old friend.


Although I am having a really tough time understanding how anyone could find this guy attractive, according to Wikipedia, Burt Reynolds was an important sex symbol of the 70’s. Since Wikipedia is always right about everything, I guess I will believe it. Besides, if Anyu really goes for this Burt calendar photo, then I will give her a bonus Burt photo for her birthday:


I think it would make a great 8×10″ glossy, don’t you?