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7:03pm The doors are open, and folks are starting to gather.  Stephanie Yuhas has some really stellar secret objects she’s auctioning off.

She’s raising money to cover the cost of her camera that was stolen during a ProjectTwenty1 event.  Help her out!

Michael M. Koehler and I are talking fishing in Philly and New York.

7:38 We’re now underway at the Salon.  Vicki’s reminding everyone that we’re still seeking artists for the salons this year.  You can download an application at

And you better believe we’re talking about Edible World: Joe Sixpack’s Northern Liberties.  It’s happening this weekend!

7:45 Sarah McEneaney is first, talking about her extraordinary opus.  She’s spent quite a bit of time in that  western arts mecca Marfa, Texas.  Fascinating use of self-portraits.  Her paintings appear in her other paintings, creating a uniquely compiled memoir.

Her work is funny and poignant.  Chronicling her time as a clinic defense volunteer in Center City.  Especially given the recent killing of Dr. Tiller in Kansas.  A victim of rape in her own home, a series of the paintings works out a variety of revenge fantasies, cultivating a sense of safety.


7:50  Hilarious!  McEneaney has painted an aspirational art collection.   She’s also a muralist–see her work at Franklin and Diamond St.  ”…the abandoned Reading Viaduct which as become another…thing of mine.”  She’s working to turn it into a park like the High Line (just opened in Manhattan).

Star Party–a live outdoor planetarium in Marfa, Texas.   This is an extraordinary archive of painted memoir.  I hope, if you’re not here that you can see it collected somewhere all at once.  I’ve never seen anything quite like this!

8:15 pm  Stephanie Yuhas is next with American Goulash.  Starting with a story of Epic Failure. The First Person Arts audience is cool with that!

Yuhas wanted to be a marine biologist but became an animator instead.  Clearly that wasn’t the failure!  Animation!

Hard to believe, but it was rejected by the Ottawa Animation Festival!  It’s a YouTube success story.  A triumph over self-hate and fear of judgment.

Stephanie is calling for folks to visit their elderly family members.  Seek the stories that transcend generations.  Yes!

8:26 pm  Family visit to Hometown Buffet.  Gift time!  Actual gifts she’s received from Nagymama:  Yarn wrapped in tinfoil.  T-shirt dress.  Maxipads.  Some serious granny pants.


Sometimes it takes hard questions to get good stories from your elders.  Thanks Stephanie!   Intermission time.

8:55 pm

Michael Koehler dedicates his talk to his wife who’s pregnant.

He’s collected a photographic record of the things that ground him.  The meaningful objects he carries with him.

His essay is about the Mummers Parade.  A great collection of, among other things, photos of mummers peeing on the streets. PARADE.

“if you go the whole way, you see things differently”

From Mummers to Philly day parade.  Audible gasps at the crowd shots of Phillies fans.

Koehler has a wonderful connection with the subjects of his photographs.  His archive goes back to his 10th grade year.

“Things start happening when you honor what you’re looking at…something just happens.”

Beautiful photo of a tribute mural from 55th and Woodland–”Sh*tty”

One of my favoriteof Koehler’s photos: Pulling Horse


Shrimper Ricky Robbins from New Orleans–A video portrait… “The word love is the creation of everything.”

“Parading is about sharing the way we all learn and trying to find some fusion in it.”  Check out Koehler’s website:

9:30 pm Looks like we’ll go a little long, but Nathan Manske and are next.  Audience clearly has the energy after this great lineup tonight!

Nathan Manske came up with the idea for the website last December and was later inspired by a scene in the film Milk.

Wednesday he saw Milk, Thursday he had the idea, Friday he got laid off!  In just two months he’s collected more than 100 stories from all around the world.

I’m from Southbend, Indiana (Bob R.)

I’m from Galveston, Texas (Patrick Hanley) <–In the audience tonight!

I’m from Deep River, ON, Canada (Robin K.)

I’m from Fairless Hills, PA (Christopher Cuttone)

I’m from Spring, TX (Matt R.)

I’m from Bohemia, NY (Ray Parisi)

I’m from New York, NY (Jason Brantley)

I’m from Annandale, VA (anonymous)

I’m from Clarksville, TN (Robin L.)

I’m from Valley Stream, NY (Scott T.)

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