Shinygrape Updates

Howdy ya’ll! We’ve been so busy working on stuff that we haven’t had time to update! Here are a few projects that are in-progress:

You Wanna Piece of Meat?
(finishing production this week)

Shinygrape is co-producing a Weird-Al style music video with Cinevore Studios based on Britany Spears’ “Piece of Me.”

We have added out own lyrics, vocals by Erika Schiff and DJ Q-Ball, Music by Mo, aka, Young Sinatra, and amazing stars, including Brittany Brazill (yes, that’s her real name), with co-start James Rolfe, aka, The Angry Video Game Nerd.

Photo by Lee Rosenfeldt

(left) Brittany Brazill gets friendly with the famous Chick Fil-A cows from the fabulous Norz Hill Farms.

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Dirty Dishes
(Production Completed)

“Dirty Dishes” is a co-production with Psynema as a part of the 2008 48-Hour Film Project. It is a short comedy about a disastrous office romance that takes place on Valentine’s Day.

This past Feburary, it won the 2008 48-Hour Film Project for “Best Director”, in addition to the coveted “Audience Choice”Award. “Dirty Dishes” was written, shot, animated, and edited in less than 48 hours using the following restrictions:

-Must be a Holiday Film
-Must contain a wrench
-Must contain the character Ira or Irene Livingston, Dishwasher
-Must contain the line of dialogue, “You’d better double check”.

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(Left) Andy (Dale Jacobs) comes clean in a love letter to the object of his affections.
Photo by Lee Rosenfeldt