“Piece of Meat” Featured on Front Page of YouTube

A year ago, “Nagymama” was a front-page YouTube, MySpace, Frederator, Crackle, and Nicktoons. Now our newest film, “Piece of Meat” has JUST made it onto the featured comedy section of YouTube!
…and we’re not finished!!!

Thanks again to all of our crew, thanks to everyone that keeps “Digging” us, and special thanks to YouTube for featuring us (again!)

We hope to see you all and see you at Project Twenty1 on October 4 & 5!

Update: We also just got on the front page of Spassdroge.com, which, uh, appears to be a German “Hot Girl Dancing” website. Hilarious.

So, it’s official – we’re big in Germany…just like David Hasselhoff.