Piece of Meat Received PIFVA In-Kind Subsidy

PIFVA Philadelphia Indepedent Film & Video AssociationSincere thanks to PIFVA for awarding Cinevore Studios/ShinyGrape Studios with an in-kind subsidy grant for $500. Up to this date, “Piece of Meat,” was a volunteer-production, so we deeply appreciate that PIFVA could help us fund at least one key post-production crew member! We choose Max Sainvil to do color correction on “Piece of Meat”!

The purpose of the PIFVA Cash & In Kind Subsidy Program is to assist Philadelphia-area independent media makers in completing work and building community through sharing of skills and resources. Cash grants and in kind grants of donated services are awarded to filmmakers for specific post-production services not yet performed prior to the grant deadline. Grants are paid directly to the providing company or to the individual performing services. Applicants are encouraged to negotiate a discounted rate. Past in kind services have included color correction, film scoring, editing consultations and film to tape transfers.

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! to the following recipients for this cycle

  • Jonathan Foy ( Resurrect Dead: Mystery of the Toynbee Tiles)
  • Laura Deutch ( Detour)
  • Nate Rulf ( The Chinese Room)
  • Peter d‘Agostino ( Between Earth & Sky)
  • Julia Grayer ( Chow Down: The Good Life)
  • Butch Cordora ( Straight to Butch)
  • Nicholas Gray ( If you could say it in words)
  • Stephanie Yuhas ( Piece of Meat)