“Wives’ Tales” Contest

The whole series of Andrea’s amazing  “Lessons from My Mother” embroideries got me wondering if you are related to someone superstitious or know someone that has any of these batty theories! So, I’m holding a contest! Post any of your hilarious or interesting wives’ tales, superstitions, and general hilarity right here – the winner will get […]

Site Upgrade

Over the next week, we will be updating the Wiccan Chicken and American Goulash blogs to reflect a newer, more efficient, prettier Word Press template. Eat it Blogger. That’s what you get for not allowing people with FTP publishing to use newer templates or the “Older Posts” function. For shame, Google! You’ve got everything else down! […]

WXPN LIVE Showcase

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Philadelphia Writer Makes Goulash Taste Funny New collection of short stories premiered on air. Philadelphia, PA — February 3, 2008 — Audiences are invited to a live taping of WXPN’s “LIVE at the Writer’s House” on February 16th, featuring Philadelphia-based writer/artist, Stephanie Yuhas. Yuhas will receive an interview about her newest work, […]

Thank you!

I would like to thank The Leeway Foundation for offering me a grant to continue “American Goulash”! I am still trying to fundraise another $2,350 to fund the purchase of a new camcorder because it was STOLEN while we were filming a Project Twenty1 event a few months ago. Honestly, after being ripped off by […]

Nagymama Featured on MySpace

So, I was sitting at my computer, during lunch, stuffing my face with oatmeal raisin cookies, when I went to send a friend a “Happy Birthday” message because MySpace, being the life saver that it is sometimes, reminded me that I am a horrible friend and missed a birthday. And I was a little surprised […]