Too Tight

The last night at Camp, I tried to sleep, but I couldn’t ignore my mother’s sighing and heavy breathing from the next bed over. I would have never noticed the noise if Irina hasn’t make such a fuss about it the night before. I tossed and turned for a while, counted sheep, and even tried […]


I handed Anyu some Mother’s Day presents after I got her to settle down and put on some pants. After dealing with last year’s drama, I decided to give my mother a GIANT bottle of Arbor Mist to help her relax during our weekend “vacation” at the LBI Bible Camp. Sure, it’s totally against the […]

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Awesome! Philly2Philly did a feature about “American Goulash” on their site! Thanks guys!Also, WOO HOO! This is my 100th post! Time for cake! Get Your Goulash By Autumn Konopka at 1:40 pm on Wednesday May 27, 2009 Original Source We’ve all got a crazy family story, the ones we pull out when a party gets […]

The Cooties

One morning in first grade, the principal made an important announcement. “There is a severe head lice epidemic,” he grumbled through the loudspeaker. “The nurse will call classrooms in one at a time tomorrow to check for head lice.” Kelly, the pig-tailed girl that hated my guts from the moment she saw me in kindergarten, […]