Experience & Awards

Work & Community:

  • 2006-Current: Cinevore Studios, LLC: Writer/Production Manager (Majority Shareholder)
  • 2007-Current: Crystalline Studios, LLC: Writer/Production Manager (Majority Shareholder)
  • 2006-Current: Project Twenty1:  Co-Founder, Board of Directors (Executive Director)
  • 2002-2017: ASIFA East (Association Internationale du Film d’Animation / International Animated Film Association): Member
  • 2010-2013: Norristown Arts Hill: Co-founder; Advisory Board: Marketing Committee
  • 2004-2015: PIFVA (Philadelphia Film & Video Association): Member
  • 2015: PNWA (Pacific Northwest Writer’s Association): Member
  • 2010-2014: PAFIA (Pennsylvania Film Industry Association): Member
  • 2000-2008: Philadelphia Cartoonist’s Society: Member

Projects & Awards

“American Goulash” (multimedia, 2008-current)

Author: American Goulash Volume 1 (2014); Writer, AmericanGoulash.org; Creator: Original Series (In Development, Guru Studio)

Awards & Features:

  • Best Development Property, Cartoon Connection Quebec (2016)
  • Winner, Best Book, Memoir (Traditionally Published), PNWA Nancy Pearl Award (2015)
  • Finalist: The Happening List, Best Author (2015)
  • Philly Nerd Night (2014-2015)
  • First Person Arts Performer (2014)
  • Nominee, Blogger’s Choice Awards (2012)
  • Leeway Arts Cabaret Featured Performer (2010)
  • Leeway Art & Change Grant (2009)
  • First Person Arts Salon Featured Performer (2009)
  • WXPN (On-Air Reading, 2009)
  • Philly2Philly (Magazine Feature, 2009)

“Undisclosed Action-Adventure Series” (Animated TV Series, 2015-present)

Co-Creator, Development Consultant (Big Jump Productions)

“Philly Sketchfest” (Live Event, 2016-2017)

  • Judge

“Vessel” (Short Science Fiction Film, 2016)


  • Recipient, Leeway Art & Change Grant (2017)
  • Winner, Hollywood Moving Pictures Film Festival, Best Sci-Fi Short (2017)
  • Winner, Huntington Valley International Film Festival), Best Supporting Actress (2016)
  • Winner: Art All Night – Trenton: 5th Annual Film Festival, Best of (2016)
  • Official Selection: PopUp Anthology at Artworks Trenton (2017)
  • Official Selection: Philadelphia Film Festival Local Film Showcase (2016)
  • Official Selection: Red Ditch Halloween Film Festival (2016)
  • Official Selection: Västerås Filmfestival (2016)
  • Official Selection: Kinosmena Short Film Festival (2016)
  • Official Selection: KATRA Film Series (2016)
  • Recipient, Delaware Valley Film Foundation Grant (2016)

“Victorian Cutout Theatre” (animated web series, 2012-pres)

Producer, Voice Actress & Writer (misc. episodes)

“Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return” (Netflix, 2013-2017)

Development & Production Consultant

“Imagination Institute Genius Series” (Live Event Videography, 2015-2017)

Production Manager

“Super Puck Jam” (Video Game, 2016)

Marketing Consultant

“Raggle Taggle Gypsy” (Card Game, 2016)

Crowdsourcing Consultant

“C is for Crazy” (blog, 2014-2016)

Writer, Graphic designer

“Dawn’s Place Awareness Campaign” (PSA, 2015)

Production Manager & Creative Consultant

“Moot”, a part of “Articulate with Jim Cotter” (comedy shorts, WHYY, 2014)

Co-Creator, Writer, Producer, Actress (Avery)

“Society: Why It’s Wrong” (web shorts,  2014)

Co-Creator, Writer, Producer, Actress, “Stephanie”

Awards & Features:

“Mary Jo Pehl: Awesome Music for Awful Movies” (album, 2015)

Graphic designer, Crowdsourcing Support

“Mystery Science Theater 3000 Turkey Day Special” (interstitials, 2013 & 2014)

Producer, Production Manager, Prop Builder

  • Winner: Best Live Show – Solo Event, Cynopsis Digital Model D Awards (2013)

“Mop & Lucky Files, Season 2” (web series, 2014)

Crowdsourcing Consultant

“Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie” (feature film, 2013-2014)

Script/Production consultation, Casting Associate, Behind-the-Scenes Videography/Photography, Puppeteer, Extra

  • Nominated: Philadelphia Geek Award, Best Feature (2016)

“Mark of the Old Ones” (video game, 2014)

Voice (BETA)

“Chris Reads Craigslist” (web series, 2014)

Development Consultant

“Nerd vs. Geek” (web series/DVD, 2012-2014)

Writer, Producer, Graphic Designer, Crowdsourcing Lead.  Actress: “Stephanie”, Self, “DVD Audio Commentary”,

  • Nominee: Macabre Faire Film Festival: Best Web Series (2014)
  • Nominee: Philadelphia Geek Awards: Best Web Series (2013)

“Educating Communities for Parenting” (video, 2012-2014)

Production Manager. Videographer

“Living in 8-Bits” (web series, 2011-2014)

Writer. Production Manager, Actress, “Susie” (Misc. Episodes)

  • Winner: Macabre Fest, Audience Award (2014)
  • Nominee: Streaming Project of the Year (2014)
  • Nominee: Philadelphia Geek Awards: Best Web Multimedia Project (2013)
  • Nominee: Philadelphia Geek Awards: Best Web Series (2011)

“21-Day Filmmaking Competition” (non-profit event series, 2006-2014)

Co-founder, Executive Director (2006-2014), Host (2006-2014). Fundraiser (2015)

  • Winner: Movie Maker Magazine: Coolest Film Festivals in the World (2013)

“Geek’s Guide to Dating” (web series, 2013)

Actress: Self

“Supervillain Security Solutions” (short film, 2013)

Writer, Producer, Graphic Designer

“Biohazards” (short film, 2013)

Writer, Producer. Graphic Designer

“Limit Break” (short film, 2013)

Writer/Producer. Actress: Cleric

“Dialogue Tree” (short film, 2013)

Writer, Producer, Graphic Designer. Actress: Voice, “Mommy”

“Hoverman” (animated television pilot, 2013)

Production Manager

“Moon” (book, 2013)


“Team Transformation” (marketing campaign, 2013)

Marketing Consultant. Graphic Designer

“The Accidental Pervert” (event documentation, 2010-2013)

Videographer, Marketing Consultant. Graphic Designer

“Norristown Education Theater” (video, 2013)


“SpaceRip” (marketing, 2013)

Graphic Design

“Philadelphia Film & Animation Festival” (non-profit program/event series, 2007-2013)
Formerly known as the Philadelphia Filmathon

Co-founder, Executive Director, Host

“Sensonics Olfactometer” (marketing/photo Shoot, 2012)

Production Manager, Graphic Designer

“Jenna Stamm Photography” (marketing/photo Shoot, 2012)

Production Manager

“Undisclosed GTBS Films Project” (feature, 2012)

Art Department

“Hope & Change” (animation, 2012)

Production Manager

“Norristown Tourism Video Projects” (event documentation/commercials, 2012)

Interviewer, Producer, Production Manager

“Walk of Shame Racing” (marketing, 2012)

Graphic Designer

“Longwood Gardens” (misc. video projects, 2010-2012)

Graphic Designer, Production coordinator.

“A Very Game Chasers Christmas” (animated special, 2011)

Actress, Susie

“Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Art Show” (documentary, 2011)

Interviewer. Producer, Editor

“SW Media” (marketing, 2011)

Graphic Designer

“Hypnotik: The Seer Will Doctor You Now” (event documentation/commercials, 2011)


“Turn that Phone Off” (Animated Music Video/PSA, 2011)

Producer, Production Manager

“Fixed Focus QA” (marketing, 2011)

Graphic Designer, Online Media Consultant

“Gauchita” (marketing, 2011)

Graphic Designer

“Seven Goldfish” (marketing, 2011)

Graphic Designer

“American Public Gardens Association Conference” (event documentation, 2011)

Production Manager

“Surgeon Poet” (book, 2011)

Online Media Consultant

“GilliespieHall” (marketing, 2011)

Online Media Consultant

“Parents Step Up” Underage Drinking Campaign  (PSA, 2011)

Online Media Consultant

“Iverson Gaming”  (marketing, 2011)

Online Media Consultant

“Innovation Factory: Let it Move You” (commercial, 2011)

Writer, Production Manager, Set dresser, Online Media Consultant

“Cinemassacre Super 8 Review” (web short, 2011)

Production Manager

“Michelangelo’s Pizza Taste Test” (Documentary, 2011)

Actress, Self

“SinattiPop: Kiss the Sky” (Music Video, 2011)

Production Manager, Animator (SinattiPop Production Tag)

“Tide: Silence the Stain” (Commercial, 2011)

Production Manager

“Sensonics Smell Identification Test” (Commercial, 2010)

Production Manager, Producer

“Sheila Fox” (marketing, 2010)

Graphic Designer, Web Designer

“CleanItSupply” (commercial, 2010)

Production Manager, Producer

“OverAnalyzers” (web series, 2010-2011)

Actress, Susie, Writer, Producer, Set Dresser

“Cats as Tuna” (animation, 2011)

Crazy Cat Lady

“Choose” (short film, 2010)

Co-producer, Graphic designer

Awards & Features:

  • “Choose” raised over $5,000 for cancer charities (2012)
  • Winner, “Best Short Film” Katra Film Series (2012)
  • Winner, “Platinum Remi” “Best Original Dramatic Short,” Worldfest Houston (2011)
  • Winner, Garden State Film Festival, Home Grown Award (2012)
  • Nominated, SoHo International Film Festival, Festival Prize, Best Showcase Short Film (2012)
  • Nominated, Oldenburg Film Festival, German Independence Award, Best Short Film (2012)
  • Official Selection, LA Shortsfest – Academy-Award-Qualifying (2011)

“Morris Arboretum’s Tree Adventure” (commercial, 2010)

Production Manager (video), Animator

“Johnsrud & Associates Architects” (2005-2010)

Graphic Designer

“Shorts & Shots” (non-profit program/event series, 2007-2010)
Formerly known as Show Us Your Shorts

Co-founder. Executive Director. Host

“Misc. Cinemassacre/Angry Video Game Nerd Panels” (event documentation, 2009-2012)


“Hound Dog Hardwood” (Commercial, 2009)

Production Manager

Philadelphia Zoo (video, marketing, 2009)

Marketing Consultant

“OFTLabs: Innovative Blood-free Lead Testing” (Commercial, 2009)

Production Manager, Producer, Animator

“Sensonics Olfactometer” (Commercial, 2009)

Production Manager, Producer, Animator

“Misc. Cinemassacre Movie Location Tours” (web shorts, 2008-2011)

Videographer, Production Coordinator

“Live Free” (Book, 2008)

Graphic Designer

“Brittany Brazill” (Website, 2008)

Web Designer

“Flogging Margaret” (Feature Film, 2008)

Animator, Graphic Designer

“Controls” (Feature Film Trailer, 2008)

Development Associate, Writer, Voice

“iMurders” (Feature Film, 2008)

Development Associate, Production Assistant, Animator

Awards & Features:

  • Winner, “Best Picture” Chicago Horror Festival
  • Winner “Audience Award”, Downbeach Film Festival
  • Official Selection Eerie Horror Fest
  • Official Selection Shriekfest
  • Official Selection Big Apple Film Festival
  • Official Selection Paranoia Fest
  • Official Selection Texas Frightmare Weekennd

“Dirty Dishes” (Short Film, 2008)

  • Writer, Producer, Animator, Graphic Designer


  • 48-Hour Film Project (Philadelphia):  “Best Director”
  • 48-Hour Film Project (Philadelphia):  “Audience Choice”

“Piece of Meat” (Music Video, 2008)

Writer, Producer, Graphic Designer

Awards & Features:

  • PIFVA Post-Production Award (’08)
  • Front Page Featured Film: YouTube.com (’08)
  • Front Page Featured Film: Crackle.com (’08)
  • Front Page Featured Film: College Humor.com (’08)
  • Official Selection: Zombie Love Film Festival (’08)
  • Coney Island Film Festival (’08)
  • Philadelphia Film & Animation Festival (’08)

“Jersey Fresh: Tales of the Wiccan Chicken” (Animation, 2006)

Writer, Animator, Producer

Awards & Features:

  • Ottawa International Animation Festival TV Animation Conference “Pitch THIS!” Winner
  • AWN Magazine

“Bryn Mawr Film Institute Walk of Fame” (fundraising/marketing campaign, 2005)

Graphic Designer

“Innovations NYC” (short animations, 2005)

Intern (ass’t to Bob Lyons)

“Well Fed Artist Gallery” (paintings, drawings, 2003-2005)

Featured Artist

“Nagymama” (Short Animation, 2004)

Animator, Writer. Actress: Narrator

Awards & Features:

  • Editor’s Choice & Front Page Featured Film: YouTube.com
  • Front Page Featured Film: MySpace.com
  • Editor’s Choice & Front Page Featured Film: Crackle.com
  • Featured Film:  Channel Frederator
  • AWN Magazine
  • Official Selection: Garden State Film Festival
  • Cable broadcast, Nicktoons Network (Nicktoons Film Festival)

“Timmy Meets the Lizard” (short animation, 2004)

Voice, Mary & The Trash Can Fairy. 

“Philadelphia Hinge Magazine” (magazine, 2003-2004)

Featured Artist. Featured Writer

“Gestation Sensation” (short animation, 2003)

Animator. Writer. Producer

“Toy Wars” (short animation, 2003)


“WS Rabbit” (book, 2002)

Graphic Designer. Illustrator

“Brain Juice” (short animation, 2002)