Vsauce is Awesomesauce

VSauce defines itself as “Amazing Facts & The Best of the Internet”, and since I know there are absolutely no facts conveyed in OverAnalyzers, I have to assume the latest episode of their show “DONG” (Do Online Now, Guys — Episode “Picture of Everything?”) featured us because of that second part. And that is truly noteworthy. “Mildly amusing”? Sure. “Best of the Internet”? Well, we’re blushing. I don’t know if I can compete with the  Norwegian butter crisis or miscellaneous funny cats,  so when an intelligent channel like VSauce decides to give us a shoutout, we get all warm ‘n’ fuzzy.

Because of this brief mention, Cinevore’s YouTube channel, the place to see OverAnalyzers (outside of our embedded blip feeds which get around 95,000 per episode) has exploded overnight. If you think this is an exaggeration, I would like to point out that we spent 6 years accumulating 1,500 subscribers, and in the last 24 hours, that number has nearly quadrupled. Perhaps we should actually start using YouTube now. 😛

For those who AREN’T yet aware, Cinevore’s YouTube channel only features episodes after 90 days of exclusive run here, on Cinevore.com, and Cinemassacre.com. So to see all the latest episodes of OA, you’ll still need to check our sites now and again.

And “Kevin” from VSauce, contact me – I have a thank you gift basket for you waiting for shipment., which will include a fresh batch of homemade brownies  No, not *those* kind of brownies. I make the caffeinated kind that nerds like.