Mr. September

On the ninth day of Sexmas, I delivered to mommy….
Tom Selleck calling.


I really do have a hard time telling the difference between Tom Selleck and Burt Reynolds. I guess Tom is hairier… How could we gauge this? Quick – someone invent a Hairometer so you can guess your HMI (Hair Mass Index).

I love everything about this picture. The stupid white sun visor. The hideous diagonally stripped bikini. The humongous “cell phone”. The full body hair that doubles as a Magic Eye Picture/Rorschach Test (does anyone else see The Devil in Tom Selleck’s tummy hair in the left photo?)

Oh, baby. I think I’m gonna need a cold shower after this one.

Calendar Update: Looks like VistaPrint failed me. They never mailed the calendar to me because one of the other items I put in my order was back-ordered – it’s their policy to hold onto the whole order until all items return to stock. It’s going to be another week, maybe even two weeks, until I receive the order. This is very disappointing – I was hoping to film Anyu’s reaction to it.  I suppose my mother is going to have a Sex-less holiday. Wow. I never thought I would think of, let alone WRITE that sentence. ::shudders::