Mr. April

On the forth day of Sexmas, I delivered to mommy….
Gunslinging Alec Baldwin!


Because men without shirts are hot…but men without shirts with GUNS are even hotter! We even have bonus armpit hair for Anyu’s enjoyment. ::shudders::

Honestly, I have no idea where these photos are from, but I like them because Alec sort of looks like David Duchovny in them. Why not just use a picture of David Duchovny? Oh, I’ve saved him for later, my pretties, mwahahaha.

Up until a few years ago, I didn’t know the difference between any of the Baldwin Brother’s until my favorite show, “30 Rock” came on the air. After seeing his antics with Liz Lemon, I actually think he’s hotter now than back in the day of “Beetlejuice””. Maybe it’s because a funny personality always improves appearance. Maybe it’s because he stuffed all this chest hair into a suit. Or maybe it’s because he kinda looks like Al Gore now, and I have a thing for Al Gore (but if I made an Al Gore calendar, it would probably be NSFM – Not Safe for Moms.)

Anyway, as a prolific actor and hairy bastard, Alec Baldwin gets the stamp of approval for Mr. April.

I must also note that When I initially typed in Alec Baldwin, I was a little concerned when Google autofill kept on trying to complete my query with “Alec Baldwin Sweaty Balls”. Of course, I had to click it, and pray that my computer would not get chalked full of viruses. I ended up finding this lovely piece of SNL history for your enjoyment: