The Barbecue

After some minor technical issues,I arrived at my cousin’s house. I clumsily fumbled with my luggage and keys trying to get through the extra-narrow corridor. Luckily, I don’t think anyone heard me because the crazy cat lady next door to my cousin fell asleep with QVC blaring on her TV again. I could hear Vince […]

Failure at Cooking: Strawberry Pie

“I have an idea”, my cousin announced over the phone.”Oh, yeah?” I couldn’t hide my concern. Usually when anyone tells me they have an “idea”, it’s usually time to reach for the aspirin. “In all the years we’ve been alive, we’ve NEVER had a family BBQ at the house. Let’s have one for this 4th […]


Nichole Remmert writes: Hi there – I love your blog and tweets; I remember bits of my own childhood when I read your stuff. My own nagymama died before I ever knew her, when my mom was just 14.  Her father was always at work (and not Hungarian), and The Uncles (her mother’s brothers) saw […]