“Wives’ Tales” Contest

cat-eyes-stock-photo-blackThe whole series of Andrea’s amazing  “Lessons from My Mother” embroideries got me wondering if you are related to someone superstitious or know someone that has any of these batty theories! So, I’m holding a contest!

Post any of your hilarious or interesting wives’ tales, superstitions, and general hilarity right here – the winner will get a (tasteful) ad promoting their website on the front page of this blog (which receives over 15,000 hits a month now, thank you readers!) for one whole month and a MYSTERY PRIZE mailed to your house!

Classic Example of a Superstition: My Nagymama always told me that a man lived in the Big Potty that wanted to suck me into the sewer because she was afraid that I would drown in the toilet. This causes me to fear The Big Potty for years.

I’ll be posting mini-superstitions up all week, so, start posting, people! Can you do WORSE than Nagymama? You have until MARCH 6th to tell me about it…unless you think it’s bad luck to enter contests.

Photo by Mike Wadestoru