Thank you!

I would like to thank The Leeway Foundation for offering me a grant to continue “American Goulash”! I am still trying to fundraise another $2,350 to fund the purchase of a new camcorder because it was STOLEN while we were filming a Project Twenty1 event a few months ago.

Honestly, after being ripped off by a sociopath, getting the camera stolen, and having my car broken into (for the second time), I felt so distraught that I took a break. BUT I AM BACK AND READY FOR MORE GOULASH! Not only that, but these experiences has lead me to start drafting up the outline for a new project called “The $15,000 Pair of Boots”, coming in 2010! Stay tuned!

Thanks again for sticking by “American Goulash” enjoy reading this blog and watching my videos, please consider making a donation today (you’ll be helping “American Goulash” AND our film festival.