WXPN LIVE Showcase

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Philadelphia Writer Makes Goulash Taste Funny New collection of short stories premiered on air. Philadelphia, PA — February 3, 2008 — Audiences are invited to a live taping of WXPN’s “LIVE at the Writer’s House” on February 16th, featuring Philadelphia-based writer/artist, Stephanie Yuhas. Yuhas will receive an interview about her newest work, […]

The Shopping Nightmare

As a child, I hated shopping more than going to the dentist. That didn’t stop my mom and aunt from spending hours in discount clothing stores, going through every item on the 75% off clearance wrack to find “the deal”. To relive my painful boredom, I hid in the circular clothing racks, and dove out […]

Political Indifference

On November 4th, 2008, I called my mother. “Vhat’s dah story?” “Hey, Anyu, can’t talk long, do me a favor. I need you to go to the high school and stand in line for the special booths with the buttons in them. I need you to hit the button that says O-B-A-M-A, it’s really a […]

Thank you!

I would like to thank The Leeway Foundation for offering me a grant to continue “American Goulash”! I am still trying to fundraise another $2,350 to fund the purchase of a new camcorder because it was STOLEN while we were filming a Project Twenty1 event a few months ago. Honestly, after being ripped off by […]

Poopy Tree

It was a muggy summer day in August when I helped my mother and grandmother load in some groceries from the car. Even something as simple as grocery shopping is an ordeal in the Yuhas household. “Come inside, it’s raining, you’ll catch your death!” Nagymama hollered from inside. “Hold on, Nagymama, I need to bring […]