Piece of Meat Lyrics

Here they are, due to popular demand! By Matt Conant & Stephanie Yuhas, a parody of “Piece of Me” by Britney Spears. (intro chicken noises) (Oh yeah…) (Oh yeah…) Verse 1: I’m Miss Steak and Kidney Pie, since I was only 5, Don’t matter if I’m in Dairy Queen, I’d order beef on my ice […]

It’s Still Potty Time

(please read Part 1: It’s Potty Time before reading this) While Anyu and I sat down for dinner, Nagymama walked out of the bathroom, holding an orange McDonald’s Jack-o-Lantern Happy Meal bucket. It also happened to be the bucket they placed underneath my little potty to, uh, “catch everything”. “There’s nothing in the pail today,” […]