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The tales of Nagymama have continued in a FREE online blog of true stories called, “American Goulash”. Enjoy the antics of Nagymama and the whole family and please comment with our own hilarious childhood stories (or Goulash recipes!).

Also, don’t forget to wish Nagymama a Happy Birthday! She just turned 97-years young and comments are printed & delivered to her!

Wiccan Chicken is still predicting the future in his hilarious Weekly HorrorScopes. Make sure you also check out the site for some of his famous vegan recipes, some of the Pagan Penguin’s hilarious reviews, and Bigfoot’s Glitter Graphics!

Warning: Some content is very adult. Reader discretion is advised.

Our friends at Project Twenty1 are now accepting Teams for its 21-Day Filmmaking Competition! If you think you have what it takes to create an original film or animation in 21-Days.
Also, if you have already produced a film, you can submit it to the Philly Film-A-Thon and get your film screened in a 350 seat auditorium! Visit and make sure you sign up before the early-bird deadline, April 31st, 2008!
As a final bit of news, ShinyGrape Studios working with Cinevore Studios to produce a parody music video about meat, blood, and Britney Spears. If you are in the Philadelphia area and look like Britney Spears, or if you would like to donate some of your extra non-spoiled meat to our cause, please contact us.
Yes, we know it’s a weird request.
Until later, Happy Earth Day, and don’t forget to save the trees and hug a dolphin!
Stephanie Yuhas
Shinygrape Studios