Trick or Drink?

Every year, I wanted to dress up as Barbie for Halloween. But rather than buy a blonde wig and some type of princess gown, we would go to the local K-Mart and buy a “Barbie Kit” which contained what looked like a crappy vinyl hair cutting cape with a dress painted on it and a […]

Controls Trailer

This is the teaser for the upcoming feature-length film Controls from Cinevore Studios. Zara Southard, reviewer for a video game magazine, is thrust into the role of detective when a famous game developer goes missing and nobody else can follow the clues. This trailer is a good example of a preliminary “teaser” that is shown […]

Flogging Margaret

Shinygrape Studios recently completed work with Pull My Focus Productions and Warner Brothers for their 2008 release, “Flogging Margaret”. In addition to creating graphics and branding for “Flogging Margaret’s” DVD and signage, Shinygrape created a graphics package and animated bumper for Pull My Focus Productions. Flogging Margaret (2008) Comedy — 93 minutes Synopsis: A year […]

Authentic American Goulash Recipe

I realize that some people might end up here from Google because they actually want to know how to make REAL American Goulash. Well, go buy a box of Hamburger Helper, because that’s what is basically is. No? Well, okay, fine, Google-o-phille, here is your recipe: Home Recipe courtesy of Lenny’s Family Recipes 1 lb […]