Kristine’s Response

This Month’s Featured Post: Kristine Kristine’s tale of what happened when her grandmother got called into jury duty not long after she officially retired from nursing.

Nagymama Featured on MySpace

“Nagymama” has been one busy lady for a 96-year old! She is now on the FRONT PAGE of MySpace – check it out! If you guys want to see anymore “Nagymama” videos or blogs, check out American Goulash!

“Nagymama” Featured on Front Page of YouTube!

“Nagymama” is now the front-page featured YouTube film with Nagymama, coincidentally on the same weekend on the YouTube debates. As of today, this has been the highest-trafficked day in YouTube history! Nagymama is a true story about her unusual childhood growing up in New Jersey with a Hungarian-speaking family from Transylvania. This film has been […]